Learn Mayo Irish
through native speech.

To learn Mayo Irish you have to memorise words and phrases (abairtí), listen to them spoken properly in the natural flow of conversation and practice yourself with a native speaker. This website will help you with all three.

Find Speakers

Click on the map to listen to recordings of native speakers from all over Mayo. Follow the links to view transcriptions, words and phrases for each speaker.

  • Longform transcriptions of recordings of native speakers
  • Full text search in Irish and English
  • Filter by voice, dialect, tag and location
  • Find pubs and other locations where Irish is spoken in public

Every speaker has their own page with all of their contributions listed. Speakers can create wordlists that learners can follow and download for use in learning apps like Anki for example.


Native speakers can transcribe recordings with ease by uploading audio and slicing tracks into regions which can then be annotated.

  • Upload and transcribe audio using simple interface.
  • Export subtitles in English or Irish.
  • Toggle English and Irish subtitles
  • Slow down, isolate and loop playback
  • Search, filter, tag full recording or constituent transcriptions

Chat and Video calls

Learners can connect with native speakers and can use a browser based video/chat interface to practice speaking and receive instruction.

  • Video calls with Jitsi.
  • Irish and English realtime chat.
  • Voice messages.

All chat and voice messages between learners and speakers are added to personal lists, the main public index (speakers only), and are downloadable.

51 transcriptions

Interviews, stories, songs.

34 Native speakers

Speakers of all existing Mayo Dialects

1892 words and phrases

Folca, Seanráite, Seanchas, Abairtí.

867 recordings

Longform, short phrases, single pronunciations.

"An chéad chainteoir eile, 'the next speaker'. The goal of this site is to increase the number of adult speakers in the community."

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