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Seán Ó Maol Fábhail
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R313, An Geata Mór Thuaidh ED, Westport-Belmullet Municipal District, County Mayo, Connacht, Ireland
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beirt an bothar thiar, 's a mharaigh it (the storm) killed two from back the road add
Bhuel go leor daoine Well, there are lots of people add
Níl an cuimhniú dhomsa, ar an chéad doine a curthú ann I don't recall the first person to be buried here add
nuair a chaillfaí an duine when the person would die add
ar feadh trí for three days add
agus ansin thoisódh na fir and then the men would start add
ag déanamh making add
cónra (the) coffin add
raibh aon sagart ann There was no priest add
D'abríodh (he/she/it) used to / would say add
Bhí fear a mhúin There was a man who taught add
chupla fear a few men add
a d'abríodh na paidreacha that would/used to say the prayers add
tá's, a fhios agam Oh I know, I know add
daoine muintreach my relatives add